Cquartz Professional

  One of the most exclusive coatings on the market. Cquartz only selects a few detailer’s a year out of thousands of applicants who apply for this amazing product.  They look for detailer's with great skills in paint correction services along with great character and customer service.

    Cquartz Professional enhances the reflective gloss and shine of the paint.  But why should you choose Professional?  It last years not months, For daily driven cars its guaranteed to last two years and has lasted for as long as 5 to 6  years for those who properly maintain their vehicles.  Professional protects the paint by blocking harmful UV rays and preventing paint oxidation.  It's resistant to oil marks and water spots, resistant to brake dust, iron contaminants, bug stains, tar, burnt rubber, dirt and bird bombs












Cquartz Professional is leading the industry with self cleaning properties.  Keeping your car cleaner for longer.  It comes with a two year protective warranty that covers 25% loss of gloss or hydrophobic properties.  Warranty is void if coating was neglected and not properly maintained as instructed by the installer. 

Starting price $1500.00